Municipal solid waste treatment
The disposal and recycling of municipal solid waste is a big problem modern cities. In our daily life, a large number of municipal solid waste is also a big threat to our living environment. Therefore, we need to find the effective ways to disposal municipal solid waste. The solution could be build up waste sorting lines and to make the process of primary chrederring of garbage with the modern equipment. And the final products mainly include inorganic matters, organic matters, metal, glass, paper, plastic film, sands, earth and stone etc.
AXE offer you wide range primary and secondary industrial shredders for efficient recycling MSW.

Municipal solid waste treatment
AXE machinery offers high-quality industrial shredders designed for processing all types of waste: C&D, household, wood, scrap metal, etc.
You can choose the shredder that is optimally suitable for your tasks from our wide range of equipment. We offer both compact shredders with a capacity of up to 20 tons per hour, and high-performance ones capable of processing up to 200 tons per hour.