Woodwaste treatment

Wood waste has a diverse origin, for example, construction and household waste, as well as waste from woodworking and commercial wood blanks. They are united by the fact that if they are not disposed of in time, harmful substances dangerous to health are released during their rotting, and since wood is a rapidly flammable material, the possibility of uncontrolled ignition increases.

There are several types of wood waste disposal:

Physical – crushing into chips of various fractions using hammer crushers or chopping machines.

Chemical – processing by chemical reactions to produce biofuels or commercial cellulose.

AXE Machinery offers the widest range of high-quality equipment for processing wood waste of any morphology.

Woodwaste treatment

MORBARK Horizontal grinders have amazing characteristics for crushing wood waste. Due to the powerful engine and the improved design of the hammers, they are able to grind both large construction wooden debris and large-sized trees into chips of various fractions. One grinder can fully replace the complex of primary and secondary shredders.
The crushing mechanism of these machines is also of a drum type, but the loading is carried out from above, through a cylindrical loading hopper. The hopper rotates in both directions, ensuring an even flow of material into the crushing chamber.
Morbark offers solutions for the production of high quality C3-C1 chips from commercial wood - debarkers and chippers. Such chips can be used not only in the furniture industry or for incineration, but also in the pulp and paper industry.
AXE machinery offers high-quality industrial shredders designed for processing all types of waste: C&D, household, wood, scrap metal, etc.
You can choose the shredder that is optimally suitable for your tasks from our wide range of equipment. We offer both compact shredders with a capacity of up to 20 tons per hour, and high-performance ones capable of processing up to 200 tons per hour.

ZENO manufature machines for the size reduction, screening, transportation, dosing and storing as well as turnkey plants for the processing of: log wood, waste wood from sawmills, pallets, timber products, e.g. chipboard & MDF, bark, waste wood.
It’s machines are used for the production of wood chips for timber products and paper industries, for the production of chips for automatic combustion equipment and for the fabrication of wood briquets and pellets.

TCS environmental company produced high mobility productive machinery for effective woodwaste management.
Trevi Benne has been producing and marketing technologies and tools for earth moving equipment since 1992, dealing in three major product lines: equipment for demolition, handling and recycling manufacturing pulverizers, crushers, multi kit processors, shears for metal, screening etc.; full range of digging and loading buckets, standard and reinforced, for excavators and loaders, rear and front quick couplers, anti-wear packages for quarrying and mining industry for excavators up to 500 tons; a line dedicated to the forest sector for tree felling, cutting and volume reduction of logs, road and forest maintenance.