AXE Machinery are professionals in the field of engineering and technology for handling any kind of waste, we have a wide expertise in the maintenance and repair equipment.
Service Center is equipped with a beam crane with a high lifting capacity, so we can carry out any type of repair of grinding mechanisms, hydraulic and electrical systems, running gear, including their removal and complete disassembly.
Our specialists can also come to your location and inspect the equipment in need of repair.

AXE Machinery service center

AXE Machinery carry out repair and maintenance of various types of shredders, crushers and equipment for sorting garbage of any complexity in your area. You can check all our services →
In addition to routine maintenance and repair, AXE Machinery Service Center carries out a complete restoration - overhaul of used equipment for waste management with an operating time in any condition.

Field diagnostics

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of shredders and sorting equipment

Overhaul and complete restoration of equipment

Repair and maintenance of elements of sorting complexes

Repair and maintenance of hydraulic systems

Repair and maintenance of electrical systems and electronic control units

Commissioning of equipment and training of customer operators

Spare parts supply