Constructions and demolition treatment
Constructions and demolition treatment very important part of waste management processing. Every year, millions tonnes of C&D waste is generated around the globe. It has a fairly large fraction size, thereby quickly filling landfills with solid household waste that negatively affect the environment. The crushing of this type of waste into small fractions makes it possible to use it effectively as a secondary raw material.
We offer a wide range of equipment for efficient recycling of construction waste. Our industrial shredders and jaw crushers process concrete, reinforced concrete, bricks, natural stones and asphalt to the state of secondary crushed stone, the fraction you need.

Primary shredders - main equipment for grinding different type of waste. Shredders with two working shafts equipped with disc-type knives. Material enters the hopper. There, it is grasped by a multitude (or rather, several dozen) of disc knives having teeth of a special shape, crushed, and then stretched down and falls into unloading or, if provided for by the package, into a special separation screen. The cutting knives move towards each other, due to which the material is crushed to the desired fraction.

Constructions and demolition treatment
AXE machinery offers high-quality industrial shredders designed for processing all types of waste: C&D, household, wood, scrap metal, etc.
You can choose the shredder that is optimally suitable for your tasks from our wide range of equipment. We offer both compact shredders with a capacity of up to 20 tons per hour, and high-performance ones capable of processing up to 200 tons per hour.

A jaw crusher is a type of crusher used to destroy pieces of material by pressing a metal cheek against the massive surface of the crusher. It is used on rocks of any strength, construction and demolition waste. Application is not possible on viscoelastic materials such as wood, polymers, certain metal alloys. The input size reaches 1500 mm. The size of the finished product for small crushers is up to 10 mm. Jaw crushers are available in all crushing classes: large, medium and small. The jaw crusher is usually used at the primary crushing stage.
Nordmann manufacture from Ireland produces high performance multifunctional jaw crushers. Extensive experience, innovative developments and high-quality materials guarantee best performance, durability and functionality their equipment.
Rubble Crusher is manufacture from UK that produces high performance multifunctional ultra compact jaw crushers, which, thanks to their compact size, provide maximum mobility for work. Extensive experience, innovative developments and high-quality materials guarantee best performance, durability and functionality their equipment.
Trevi Benne has been producing and marketing technologies and tools for earth moving equipment since 1992, dealing in three major product lines: equipment for demolition, handling and recycling manufacturing pulverizers, crushers, multi kit processors, shears for metal, screening etc.; full range of digging and loading buckets, standard and reinforced, for excavators and loaders, rear and front quick couplers, anti-wear packages for quarrying and mining industry for excavators up to 500 tons; a line dedicated to the forest sector for tree felling, cutting and volume reduction of logs, road and forest maintenance.