Avermann AVOS
horizontal presses
260 - 1700
11 - 150
up to 680
Channel baling presses are used wherever it is a question of processing a large amount of recyclable materials. In a central warehouse, in a recycling center or in a landfill - our installations provide compact storage of bales and reduce transportation costs to the end user. Depending on their planned use and availability of space, baling presses can have different sizes, power levels and design designs. The pressed material can, for example, be fed into the loading shaft of the press by a conveyor belt. When filling with material in the press, the signal beam is interrupted and the pressing process starts. The speed of the press piston is adjusted depending on the pressure.
The channel bale presses model AVOS from Avermann manufacturer is an absolutely outstanding machine in terms of performance, throughput and efficiency. The development, thought out to the smallest detail, leaves no room for wishes. From intelligent control systems to high-performance and highly efficient drives, new standards have been set in everything. In addition, AVOS press produces ideal bales with a size of 1.1 m x 1.1 m - with adjustable length. Depending on the application, vertical, horizontal or cross strapping is possible. Even at extreme temperatures and in continuous operation works absolutely reliably, soundly and efficiently anywhere in the world - a real top-class product!