Attachments for excavators and loaders
AXE Machinery offers a wide range of attachments for excavators and loaders from well-known manufacturers Remu, Trevi Benne, etc.

We offer various attachments for any request:
— Demolition equipment: Shredders, crushers, demolition and screening grapples, accelerators, multikits, pile crushers.
— Processing equipment: Metal shears, rail cutter, screening and crushing buckets, grabs, rib positioning clamp
— Buckets for excavator and loader: Buckets for excavators and loaders, hitches, rippers, forklifts
— Forestry equipment: Wood shears, wood splitters, stump cutters
Trevi Benne has been producing and marketing technologies and tools for earth moving equipment since 1992, dealing in three major product lines: equipment for demolition, handling and recycling manufacturing pulverizers, crushers, multi kit processors, shears for metal, screening etc.; full range of digging and loading buckets, standard and reinforced, for excavators and loaders, rear and front quick couplers, anti-wear packages for quarrying and mining industry for excavators up to 500 tons; a line dedicated to the forest sector for tree felling, cutting and volume reduction of logs, road and forest maintenance.
REMU Crushing & Screening Buckets
AXE Machinery offers the full range of REMU screening equipment.
REMU OY is a Finnish engineering group specializing in the production of screens and screening buckets for a wide range of applications for excavators and loaders. REMU screening equipment is suitable for use in all areas: from mining, composting, waste sorting and reclamation to demining.