Another completed project in the portfolio!
This time our dream team of engineers and technical specialists modernized a small MSC. This sorting complex has been operating for quite a long time, and the equipment is physically and morally obsolete. So the client's company decided to invite AXE Machinery to renew the units.

Task: Modernization and improvement of an existing sorting system
Solution: Installation of a reinforced chain infeed conveyor, which ensures uniformity and continuity of material supply to the working area of the sorting center

First of all, the replacement required a chain conveyor to feed waste to the sorting platform. The height of the conveyor is about 2 meters, which is somewhat less than in our other projects, so it turned out to be more gentle. Due to its design, the conveyor is designed for heavy loads. To prevent debris from rolling down, the belt is equipped with steel crossbars. In addition, the crossbars are attached to the chains and further reinforce the structure.

Our designers paid special attention to the wear resistance of the conveyor. To reduce friction, the chains run on plastic guides and are equipped with an automatic lubrication system. Inspection hatches are provided in each section of the conveyor to inspect the condition of the chains.